Natant world bright and beautiful contest the 5th day of: ?  of 〗 of insane ㄐ  hands in an ancient type of banner hoisted on a featherdecked mast first  ? flower swims contend for medal

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The world swam 2017 tounament day of the 5th race, diving gives a men and women to mix all-pervasive gold definitely, qiu Bo general and language of y爱上海同城

oung general Chen Yi go battle to strive to gain the championship together. Technology of water ballet collective is free, chinese team strives silver medal. Man of open water area 10 kilometers, zu Lijun pounds medal, team of woman polo China meets Canada head-on in contest of the 2nd group.

Qiu Bo

Mixture all-round of diving men and women is not abstruse project this, chinese group gives fight by Qiu Bo and article of young general Chen Yi. Mixture all-round expedites a men and women with covey each one athlete爱上海

takes part in the match, two athletes all must use 3 meters of gangplank and 10 meters of diving platform at least, finals is compared 6 jump to all be free movement, coefficient is the formulary difficulty of before two rounds of movements 2, odd and four-wheel the movement does not have difficulty coefficient limitation. Qiu Bo regards the world of 10 meters of stages as champion, current attend mixture all-round only, also be annals is in must. Chen Yi article serves as wet behind the ears young general, the woman is won only before this one rice board the 4th medal that do not have a predestined relationship, also hope with Qiu Bo the partner obtains a the world bright and beautiful to surpass a gold for certain.

This project shares 19 delegations to take part in the match, because take part in the match of the player be seleted a qualification opposite doorsill is inferior, the men and women mixes the champion of all-pervasive project to arise, more resembling is arms embattle dual meet is discharged between a coach. What difficulty is advanced, what difficulty is in hind, how to assure to already difficulty also wants to have stability, want to consider the factor 爱上海同城对对碰

of oneself already, also want to consider the factor of player of the other side, a lot of detail is short of one cannot. The time that player of this project China practices is less, can give foreign player an opportunity that can be exploited to sbs advantage, nevertheless our individual ability still is placed over, can gain the championship or want self-sufficient the play at oneself. Include the famous general such as Haositing, Kuciniezunfu to all want to take part in the match, germany, Russia, United States, England and Australia are combined, will be Qiu Bo / the main rival of Chen Yi article.

Man of open water area 10 kilometers, chinese player Zu Lijun and settle down nurture will take part in the match. Zu Lijun of 26 years old specializes in open water a爱上海龙凤419桑拿

rea to swim to had had 10 years above, the Olympic Games is made an appointment with to win this project in the 4th, bright and beautiful contest ranks world of previous term or session the 17th, preliminary contest of the national games gains the championship easily this year. Current generation bright and beautiful contest, zu Lijun’s target is concussion medal.

Technology of water ballet collective is free, the rank when Chinese team preliminary contest the 2nd, but backward first Russia is apparent still. Finals China team wants normal play only, behoove takes a silver medal. The preliminary contest with two-men free freedom, the sister that a silver medal has taken before this spends Jiang Wenwen / Jiang Tingting continues a battle.

Woman pol上海夜网论坛

o group is surpassed, chinese team will is opposite a Canada. Chinese team head battle 11-4 beats Brazilian team to obtain make a good beginning, canada criterion with 4-10 not animosity big profit. The 2nd group is surpassed, chinese team faces Canada, behoove makes persistent efforts strive for take next competitions, establish a group to give the base of the line.

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and beautiful surpass the 5th day of: ?  of 〗 of insane ㄐ  hands in an ancient type of banner hoisted on a featherdecked mast first  ? flower swims contend for medal responsibility editor: Read related Huang Jingwei: ” in the mixed doubles ” figure concern plan makes public Xin Yuan to written guarantee garment beautiful foot suffers attention 2017-07-03 to shoot group of world Qing Saizhong nation to shoot fall behead of 17 years old of young general wins 9 gold 4 gold horse race of Japan of 1 copper 2017-06-28 Longsheng Fan Zhendong gains the championship first 00 hind daughter

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