” dead or unripe 6 ” brand-new cut pursues / information of first pieces of Jika announces Demo/

Today of EVO of 上海千花网交友

grand meeting of game of Japanese area fistfight reveal on, glory spy library rub shared a few ” dead or unripe 6 ” new information. It is brand-new above all ” Delu阿拉爱上海同城

xe Demo ” luxurious try play edition, this version will face PlayStation Plus and member of Xbox Live gold to roll out. This game will begin on Feburary 22, end time is on Feburary 24. Try play edition include online platoon mode and hall contest, training of free train阿爱上海同城

ing, tutorial, instruction, introduce even court challenge and gut mode. The role can play when thi上海千花社区

s version will include 24 all game to issue, all glasses and hairstyle also can undertake choosing. Still announced championship c上海同城对对碰交友社区

ontest of dead or unripe world additionally, be seleted contest to will undertake in area of North America, Europe, Asia, finals will be in Japanese area to undertake. Bonus pool is left and right sides of 10 million yen about. First pieces of Ji Kaxin of game ceases to also had been announced, DLC will join the famous female part that comes from series of SNK fist emperor not to know igneous dance, and the part of emperor of the 2nd fist that has not published a full name. Ji Ka will be issued on March 1, include 62 new dress, gauze of DOA6 happy marriage the 1st, 2 period, DOA6 new suit the 1st, 2 period, and the additional 5 layette outfit that is aimed at 2 SNK part. The player that those buying still can obtain the promotive dress of two NiCO and female day dog. All dress outside dividing award also can be bought alone. Since this season card heads piece, show glory spy library rub still plan to roll out more and 爱上海同城

similar content. After all before ” dead or unripe 5: Last battle ” altogether has 7 pieces of Ji Ka. ” dead or unripe 6 ” jump through appreciably after the ticket, will land PS4/Xbox One/PC platform on March 1.

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