Your work ” discreditable 2 ” super and doughty star assembles in dub battle array big shop sign gathers

Today, bethesda announces formally to be made newly external ” discreditable 2 ” will be in ruffian part is formal on November 11 this year put on sale, land PC, PS4 and Xbox One platform. In the meantime, they return the dub actor list that gave this work.

Stephen Russell will the leading role Corvo of dub old bird, is he also? ” radiation 4 ” in the dub of Nick Valentine.

Jamie Hector dub Vice Overseer Liam Byrne, and he is in drama anthology ” live wire ” in ever acted very important role. All of faction of Howler of Pedro Pascal meeting dub is gotten, he ever also was in ” exceed feeling police officer ” in piece had performed Marcus Pike, and ” the game of influence ” medium Oberyn Martell. Rosario Dawson acts captain Meagan Foster, robin Lord Taylor acts Outsider, sam Rockwell can act Mortimer Ramsey, vincent D Onofrio acts Serkonos duke.

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