Watch living broadcast, send a mouse! ALIENWARE cup is interstellar 2 arena surpass start shooting!

By Dai Er extraterrestrial coronal name is sponsorred, fast swims assist the ALIENWARE cup that do, fix eyes upon in millions of people below on April 3 blow the bugle of battle, over competition ground, ZOO and IG for honor and god implement spread out intense go all out kill, below field, the enthusiasm of vermicelli made from bean starch also was destined what this can weighs epic class is right will be record in definitely annals! To acknowledge vermicelli made from bean starch people the support of do one’s best to the match, sponsor just be pink of vast heavenly body people prepared mouse of smooth game of dazzle of G502 of Surpise collect ability! ! ! Yes, you were not misreaded! The make collect ability G502 that is the star in so-called game mouse! Send freely namely! Want to land a room to watch fight during match direct seeding only, according to advocate sow countersign to participate in interactive, organic meeting obtains Alienware missive hot the vermicelli made from bean starch that misses before the mouse ~~ that cruel dazzles people not crestfallen, next in leg, g502 sends every day, do not be afraid that you take be irresolute when firmness is needed, be afraid that you dare not come only! In April 15, 16, 23, 24 days of evening at 7 o’clock, the TV that fight a fish is interstellar between old boy direct seeding, interstellar flames of war lights a sit back and wait again.

Scratch mouse small key: In direct seeding process random and draw-out, the children’s footwear that does not want to miss lands order of the Zhang that fight a fish ahead of schedule punctual at 7 o’clock enter lottery of battle of the view between direct seeding!

ALIENWAR cup is intense battle, to get 5 Alienware15 look implement, big move of ZOO and IG all goes out! Match of the 1st day, IG expedited empty empty king XiGua of melon an administrative unit in Xizang gives battle to surpass mode normally, ah breathe out great mind Jim to challenge mode of intelligence quotient cup, result and ZOO battle became 5:5Deuce!

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