Blizzard you too not serious! The BUG on check history is most most the BOSS that the egg is fond of

As long as it is game, be unavoidable to be able to appear of all kinds BUG, demon animal world is not exceptional also of course. In the of all kinds BUG that encounters in us, believing those who make person impression the deepest still is the BUG that appears when BOSS of those open up wasteland. These BUG often can increase the difficulty of chieftain battle, because break out BUG,be met even sometimes and destroy round, the effort that allows authority all one’s previous efforts wasted. So today, let us review together below, the BUG on history of demon animal world is most, at the same time most the BOSS that lets player egg ache people ~

Dust Lan Zhi shadow also is to get stuck in those days pulled killer of support wild group. The reason is that strange intense blaze (grab halt take newly) anadem. Generally speaking, the ground appeared igneous circle should go out in time. But dust this skill of Lan Zhi shadow is not however such. After giving this technical ability, the most important is to should stand to be not moved surely, because hurt the result,need wears ham circle to just can spark. And sometimes, what team member stands is very close, the brim of wreath can be brushed directly fall in player foot, want to be able to spark easily a little only destroy round effect. But, do you know, this mechanism is a BUG of game only actually. Be in originally in the design, the ability when the fire that crosses oneself in the player only is encircled can spark explosion. Nevertheless, because this mechanism player feels right still, do not have processing after stylist discovers BUG, withheld its come down.

The Wang Li that the director alls alone Gore also is Delanuo designs a more distinctive BOSS. Many fun also rose while the train that develops in field is increasing difficulty to the battle. General situation, was bumped into by the train basic namely by the second. Nevertheless, if you are pressed,turn to key () , bump with respect to what place of possible safe and sound ground escapes the train. Nevertheless, this BUG is not stable, spark the condition is more ineffable also, because this is solid expense is not high.

Without doubt, in heroic difficulty in the fetch of megalosaurus, the aeroboat battle of black actor is a battle with most BUG. Playing dozen of move black role sometimes sudden replacement, sometimes the player will be weird ground sudden death. Among them most make poll big, nothing is more… than cannot the BUG of put out a fire. In normal battle, stand through be being changed ceaselessly only, let gnomish little put out a fire, vacate the position to destroy BOSS next. But a so principal mechanism has BUG however, the fire on field goes down via often can be being burned all the time, bringing about full boat finally is blaze completely and destroy round.

In original many BUG appeared in gas fine jade, besides the Bug that 4 people cross 2 level from the line later, at first of gas fine jade head killing also is the player used BUG allegedly. At that time head when killing, gas fine jade just topples immediateness refresh. Having player suspicion is the priest when the group destroys use incorporeal stone to revive, the gas that quantity of the blood when behead killed replacement has 1% only fine jade. Do not admit gas fine jade because of this a lot of people this head kill. However, attack the 2nd times after this kill in, although BOSS is dead already, but acid rain still is falling however, member also does not feel even the body, be being entered afresh also is euqally dead originally. Can let GM solve a problem only finally.

Actually BUG does not consider Yilagong much. As demon animal world nevertheless the 1st blood has measured the BOSS of 1 billion to still be necessary to take those who say. Yilagong’s post can appear now and then dozen do not drop, stay in 0% but the circumstance that does not disappear. Sometimes flat not refresh.

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