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We know often drinking meeting causes harm to the body, but drink right amountly or have a lot of profit, premise is must the wine of drinkable commissariat brew, the wine article of our countryFall in love with the sea

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Turn the history long, so called brew is passed namely actually right microbial undertake fermenting, produce a chroma alcohol next, detailed measure has anthology expect and make music and ferment and distillation still has old wine and tick off add, so does brew ferment what the process is?

 Brew ferments process

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The first, does brew ferment what the process is? The principle of brew actually very simple, no more than is used namely microbial the process that ferments production contains certain chroma alcoholic beverage, of course, when be being operated actually, not be so simple far. Will tell roughly, the birth of a bottle of liquor, should pass commonly such a fewShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Measure: Anthology makings, make music, ferment, distillation, old wine, tick off outfit of add, fill.

The 2nd, choose makings. Grain is the flesh of wine, it is commonly wait for commissariat and the legume such as sorghum, corn, wheaten, rice, polished glutinous rice, barley, buckwheat, highland barley (do not include potato kind with fruit vegetables kind) as raw material, the grain of requirement crop is even the full, fresh, eat by moth that do not have bug, change without mildew, dry and appropriate, without silt, as good as miscellaneous flavour, without other sundry. Make music. Music is the bone of wine, making music is the important segment in brew process, review world each country to use the history of brew of cereal raw material, can discover two kinds big,

 Brew ferments process

One kind is the means that sprouts with cereal, those who use the generation when cereal is gemmiparous is enzymatic become saccharify of raw material itself candy portion, reoccupy microzyme becomes candy portion change alcohol (for instance beer) ; is another kind to use mildewy cereal, make distiller’s yeast, the enzymatic preparation that in using distiller’s yeast, contains ferments saccharify of cereal raw material wine. WhiteShanghai night net

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What wine brew uses is the 2nd kind of means, this process basically is will amylaceous saccharify (change into dextrose) .

 Brew ferments process

Does brew ferment what the process is? Ferment. From grain of burden, evaporate, saccharify, ferment, the production such as evaporate wine uses solid condition to be on the move in the process and make the white spirit that make, ability calls solid state to ferment liquor. The candy that barmy process makes a level namely actually ferments the course that is changed into alcohol. Distillation. Rely on to ferment the alcohol degree of generation is very low actually, to raise alcohol content (degree) , undertake distillation extract even commonly, basically use bucket of an ancient earthen utensil for steaming rise to make container (law of half solid state goes outside) undertake slow distill, still can adopt remaining part of will yellow water, wine to pour boiler bottom to have the measure such as distillation. Old wine. Old wine also cries old ripe, we say ” wine is old sweet ” , point to a course namely ” old wine ” the wine of the process. Through the height of distillation former wine can calculate semi-manufactured goods only, acrimony, not mellow and, make its nature old for some time in the keep in storage in specific environment only ripe, ability makes wine body soft dainty, full-bodied sweet thick.

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