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After absorbing, this kind of food is in leek is to be able to have the effect that answers a grandma certainly really, so ifShanghai noble baby

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It is oneself in lactation when if doing not have enough milk, need to be adjusted in time, the darling that avoids oneself appears hidebound circumstance, and can feel after eating leek oneself milk becomes very enough, had better Qing Dynasty fries leek, such word won’t avoid again any the happening of nutrient prediction of a person’s luck in a given year.

 It how leek takes the effect that answer a grandma is good how leek takes the effect that answer a grandma

1. treats pectoral pain or numbness caused by cold, in the heart the urgent painful stab that be like awl, do not get a simple move or action, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Spontaneous goes out or painful thorough is carried on the back, do not treat or to death: Unripe leek or root 5 jins (wash) , pound juice. Fill a few, in spitting a bosom namely evil blood. (” Meng Shen just ” )

2. treats kidney of deficiency of yang cold, positive line is depressed, or lumbar genu is cold ache, discharge of seminal emission dream: Leek is white 79, walnut flesh (flay) 19. The sesame oil that be the same as fat is fried ripe, of solar eclipse, take January. (” Fang Maizheng ancestor ” )

3. treats gastric disorder causing nausea: Leek juice 19, bovine breast. Ginger juice is used on half, with divide evenly. Lukewarm take. (” law of Dan Xi heart ” )

4. treats no less than larynx soldier is swollen feeding: Leek, pound boil Bao Zhi, leng Zeyi. (” a thousand pieces of gold just ” )

5. wipes blood of haematemesis, saliva, haematemesis, nosebleeding blood, drench blood, hematuria reachs all hematic disease: Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Leek 10 jins, pound juice, virgin soil is yellow 5 jins (mincing) inside dip leek juice, burning sun issues insolation, with virgin soil Huang Hei rots, leek juice works to spend;Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
Inside the joint of bones that enter stone, pound thousands of times, if rot,cream the person that do not have broken bits, for bolus, billiards is big. Every morning and evening takes 2 pill each, the Shang Hua that predict decoct issues white trailing plants.

6. issues blood of the Yu in bowel: Leek juice cold drink, very check. (Go smoothly of bright red shake)

 It how leek takes the effect that answer a grandma is good how leek takes the effect that answer a grandma

7. treats irritability purpura: Bright leek a jin, abluent, pound wrings juice, add healthy children make water 50 milliliter. Day potion, cent second take. (” data of law of new medical treatment chooses Fujian Province Chinese herbal medicine make up ” )

Dysentery of cereal of 8. shut-off of water: Leek makes congee of a thick soup, is fried. Allow to feed. (” eat cure heart looking glass ” )

9. treats disappear thirsty to make drink excessive: Leek seedling day takes 3, 49. Or fry or make a thick soup, do not have salt, but eat 10 jins namely beautiful. Cross Pure Brightness not to eat. (” politics and a book on Chinese medicine ” )

10. treats haemorrhoid: Leek not with how many, heat hot boiling water first, contain boiling water inside with the basin, build with appliance on the basin, leave one hole, however with leek at the bubble inside soup, with Gu DaoShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Sit on a key to do sth, your gas steam fumes; to await lukewarm, wash gently with leekForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
Sore is counted second. (” pocket just ” )

 It how leek takes the effect that answer a grandma is good how leek takes the effect that answer a grandma

11.Treat postpartum bruise: Leek (cut) into bottle inside, note hot vinegar, be opposite with opening nose. (” woman effective prescription ” )

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