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The crab gets the welcome of a lot of people, but when eating a crab, we should notice to feed the collocation of material. The case that there can be bellyacke diarrhoea after some people ate a crab arises, because feed capable person,this is of insalubrious generation. Because feed capable person,of course also one is plant may be collocation is unreasonable those who bring about. Food collocation is unreasonable, can bring about mutual between exercise restraint. So, with what cannot the crab eat together?

 The crab cannot eat together with what

1, unripe crab should not eat

To unripe crab, cannot eat quite certainly, because go for curiosity trying to eat unripe crab,very much person is met, this is very bad, because inside was full of a bacterium, to human body it is very harmful.

Because some people did not wash crab clean down, evaporate is boiled do not appear, or because eat raw drunk crab or bloat crab, eat the bacteria inside crab body or helminth in abdomen, how can you fall ill? Evaporate is ripe boil appeared eat again, won’t have this problem1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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2, dead crab shoulds not be eat

To the crab that die, also can absolutely refuse to to want to eat, because of such word, the bacterium of crab will be fast spread to what go among crab flesh, of the circumstance of very can easy occurrence diarrhoea, bellyacke.

The crust of new bright vivid crab presents young black, have burnish, umbilical ministry is full, abdominal Bai Jie. And dying crab crust shows yellow, crab foot is softer, break up difficult.

3, should not deposit

To crab, had better not deposit, if do not eat, had better be well undertake saving, when eating again, want to undertake evaporate is boiled afresh.

 The crab cannot eat together with what

4, eat crab does not chew stretch in disorder

When eating crab, leavingForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Lid hind should notice 4 keep clear of: Cleared crab stomach, it is the bone packet of the triangle in crab lid, eat crab to cover a part first, with small spoon the bail out of crab stomach part among, gently will outside suck of lapping the ovary and digestive glands of the crab is clean.

Attention, do not want suck to defeat that submits trigonometry awl form crab stomach intermediate, have inside corrupt should discard its dene; eats crab lid to be turn for crab body, use scissors to cut off mouth of redundant crab foot, crab first.

With spoon among body of handle general crab one shows a winkle of hexagonal account other people to come, that is crab heart part should discard. Still have crab bowel, connect crab hilum by crab stomach namelyShanghai Long Feng forum

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A black line, crab is branchial, 2 what grow to be like brow shape in crab abdomen namelyShanghai noble baby communicates an area

Forum of Shanghai noble baby
Discharge the thing of soft, should keep clear of.

5, should not be eat too much

Crab flesh sex is cold, taste empty is cold person answer especially bring to sb’s attention, lest cause bellyacke diarrhoea.

6, do not be the same as with boiled water feed

When eating crab, mix after eating crab tea is not drunk inside 1 hour. Because boiled water is met diluent hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, tea party makes the certain part of crab caky, go against digest absorb, cause bellyacke, diarrhoea possibly still.

7, do not want and persimmon eats together

Persimmon is ripe also when crab is fat, these two kinds of things ought to notice not to eat at the same time. Because of persimmon the part such as medium tannic acid can make crab flesh albumen to solidify said of liquid, caky material stays for long inside alvine path to be able to ferment corrupt, cause the reaction such as vomiting, bellyacke, diarrhoea, cause calculous disease possibly stillForum of Shanghai night net

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 The crab cannot eat together with what

8, 5 kinds of patients are unwell add up to edible

Have the patient of catch a cold, calorific, gastralgia and diarrhoea. Activity of ulcer of chronic gastritis, duodenum, cholecystitis, gall-stone disease, hepatitis period person. The person of fat of coronary heart disease, hypertensive, arteriosclerosis, tall blood should eat less or do not eat, because the ovary and digestive glands of the crab is medium cholesterol content is high. The person of allergic constitution. The person with taste cold empty.

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