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Article introduction

Chrysanthemum tea gets the loving of friend of a lot of females, chrysanthemum can adjust the microelement inside human body, make the body more healthy, and honey also is provision of a kind of very main preserve one’s health, reasonable edible honey, can let a schoolgirl defer consenescence, always be stationed in youth. But if use undeserved, can cause body disease, even the skin is anile. So, chrysanthemum and honey can are the same asForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Be taken when? Where is the item that what need attention there is?

Chrysanthemum and honey can bubble is tea drunk

One, bubble law

Material: Chrysanthemum 8, right amount honey;

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Honey chrysanthemum scented tea

Honey chrysanthemum scented tea

Bubble law: Open chrysanthemum to bubble with boiled water, etc boiled water is warm drop after becoming lukewarm rejoin honey, smooth can drinkable;

Effect: Clear hot reduce internal heat, clear liver bright eye, fall bowel of empty fire, embellish stops the effect such as constipation of dry, prevention and cure. Tea had better wait when tea of chrysanthemum of honey of note; bubble a few cooler add honey again, Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Lest destroy the nutrient part of honey, open bleb chrysanthemum tea, wait next put lukewarm hind, rejoin honey, won’t destroy the crystal structure of honey so, the nutrition of honey won’t prediction of a person’s luck in a given year.

Chrysanthemum and honey can bubble is tea drunk

2, the method that make

Recipe: Honey is 500 grams, bright chrysanthemum valve 1000 grams.

1, pound of valve of will bright chrysanthemum, the decoct that add water carries half hours.

2, successive extraction of two inferior quantities, filter is divided residual.

3, incorporate twice extraction fluid, small fire condenses to 500 milliliter.

4, wait for cool to 60 ℃Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Honey is joined below, smooth.

Chrysanthemum and honey can bubble is tea drunk

3, chrysanthemum tea effect

Chrysanthemum tea service has higher drinkable value. Irascibility flourishing, eye is acerbity, or by wind, cold, wet tea of chrysanthemum of disease of the limbs ache that cause, apathetic all has certain curative effect. Advocate treat cold wind heat, have a headache disease. Chrysanthemum tea removes this effect and effect outside, yesLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Swimmy, have a headache, tinnitus also has effect of prevention and cure. Purine of glucoside of naphtha, chrysanthemum, gland, amino acid, choline, water is contained in chrysanthemum Su Jian, small Nie is alkaline, yellow pigment of ketone, chrysanthemum, vitamin, the material such as microelement, can fight pathogen, enhance; of blood capillary resistance kind of among them yellow ketone material had been been opposite by the proof freedom radical has very powerful cleared effect, and fighting oxidation, prevent the respect such as consenescence fruitful. Chrysanthemum makes tea to suit office worker to be drunk more especially, because chrysanthemum is dry to preventing the key point is very valid. Contemporary pharmacodynamics analysis makes clear, rich vitamin A is contained in chrysanthemum, it is the important matter that maintains eye health. Chrysanthemum tea can make a person binocular and have one’s head screwed on the right way, bright, particularly right irascibility flourishing, with the eye excessive the double small hole that bring about is dry have better curative effect, often feelShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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The person with dry eye, often use the person of computer especially, drink some of chrysanthemum scented tea to have profit very much more. Eye myope is to often feel the eye is dry more, what tipple chrysanthemum tea can improve an eye is uncomfortable, to treating eyestrain, eyesight faintness has very good curative effect.

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