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Flesh of braise in soy sauce stews dawdle, believing is a lot of people special like a eating food, but these how does the delicate cate on dining table of the daily life of a family him start work finish, understand all sorts of feeding with respect to need of material make in order to reachs practice measure issue, everybody mights as well the practice introduction of referenced later development.

Does flesh of braise in soy sauce stew dawdle how to be done?

One, [advocate expect] steaky pork 500 grams, straw mushroom 250 grams, fried bean curd 20;

[condiment] salt 5 grams, rock candy 1 small, green 10 grams, ginger 5 grams, anise 1, often take a few, sweet page 2, red wine 20 grams;

1. straw mushroom is abluent two half beautiful flesh washs one analyseA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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So that,clean stripping and slicing cuts fruit of every bean curd a Xiaokouzi with scissors tasty, after frying boiler to put rock candy to wait for rock candy to melt into oil, enter fleshy piece to break up fry;

2. flesh piece sweet leaf, anise, onion is put when chromatically paragraph, Jiang Pian turns over the gush after frying a fragrance to enter red wineShanghai Long Feng forum

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Add little to often be smoked; Boiled water of the infuse after waiting for the divide evenly on color has been overflowed conflagration is boiled over fleshy piece boil turn small fire;

3. checks fleshy piece about 20 minutes soft nowadays adds little salt to boil ten minutes to be able to receive juice to install again into straw mushroom and bean curd fruit dish;

Does flesh of braise in soy sauce stew dawdle how to be done?

2, condiment:

Often smoke, unripe smoke, essence of salt, rock candy, chicken is right amount.


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1, steaky pork is abluent in putting the water that added a few cooking wine first, immerse 10 to 20 minutes, small lump is cut after bubble is good.

2, a few oil are put in boiler, fry stir-fry before stewing of the boiler below steaky pork small fire.

3, 2 decoct fries fat oily stir-fry before stewing come out, the fat oily teem that decoct gives need not.

4, join Jiang Pian to be fried together right amount often smoke chromatically, a few giving birth to transfer flavour.

5, join anise and green paragraph reach right amount rock candy, conflagration burns the boiled water that pours to had done not have fleshy piece to turn small1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Fire is stewed slow.

6, dawdle abluent stripping and slicing.

7, when the flesh stews eight maturity, join dawdle stew all the time boil.

8, stew extremely fleshy piece is soft when rotting, when Shang Zhishou is thick, join right amount salt and flavour of gallinaceous essence mix up to be able to give boiler.

Does flesh of braise in soy sauce stew dawdle how to be done?

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